• Kelun won eight awards of China's chemical pharmaceutical industry in 2019
    Zhejiang Science and Technology Department Director Zhou Guohui visited Zhejiang National Mirror to investigate
    Zhejiang Guoguang new factory fully passed the GMP certification
    He Li, Guizhou Province, vice governor of Guizhou Coron research
    Kelun Group won the first "Sichuan Charity Award" the most caring donation enterprise title
    Chairman Liu Gexin rewarded "Top 10 Commercial Leaders in China's Pharmaceutical Industry in 2017"
    Heilongjiang kits held 2017 annual work summary meeting
    Hubei Kelun reasonable proposals to organize redemption points
    Heilongjiang Kelun donated their love for colleague Liu Hanwei
    Zhejiang Guogong held a new plant infusion plant production mobilization ceremony
    Mianyang Kelun medical trade to carry out the 2017 "Coron artisan" site assessment assessment activities
    Hubei Kelun to post job skills knowledge test
    Kelun medical insurance project bidding publicity
    Project cost advisory services tender notice
    YI CHUNNING BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 2018 Ili Chuanning Liquid Materials (Glucose Syrup, Corn Syrup, Starch Milk) Transport Hazar
    About Cologne Pharmaceutical "original, auxiliary, package" Procurement fully enabled electric mining platform announcement
    Yili Chuan Ning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. edible corn starch, maltodextrin, corn transport tender publicity
    Guangxi Coron fill fill public bidding for environmental projects