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    Heilongjiang Kelun donated their love for colleague Liu Hanwei


    Heilongjiang Kelun donated their love for colleague Liu Hanwei

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      "Difficult on one side, P Plus Support", January 15, 2018, Cailong, Heilongjiang, general manager Ren Rongfei 23,550 yuan donation to the staff Liu Hanwei Logistics Department hands, and wish it a speedy recovery.

      Liu Hanwei entered Heilongjiang Kelun in August 2006 and performed well. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer suddenly in December 2017. After the diagnosis and subsequent follow-up treatment after chemotherapy, the cost of operation is as high as RMB 150,000. If conservative treatment costs about 8 Million. Liu Hanwei divorced for many years, alone, no savings, the face of physical pain and high cost of treatment torture, once wanted to give up treatment. After learning of the news, the leaders of the company attached great importance to it and immediately sent out a proposal of "donation of love" to all employees. They also received the positive response from all the staff and extended their helping hand to participate in the "donation and love" Activities, and through the WeChat forwarding "easy to raise" so that love continued to spread. Coron Brothers employees get the news also have made a donation.

      Liu Han-wei said movingly, co-workers help, such as the winter warm sun melted his decadent heart, let it ignite hope of life is a warm family of Coron family, brought him the power to overcome the disease Source.

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